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Chronos Candles

Chronos Wax Melts

Chronos Wax Melts

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Whether you're hosting a special gathering, indulging in self-care rituals, or simply seeking a touch of luxury in your daily life, Chronos Wax Melts are the perfect companions. Gift a loved one with the magic of fragrance, transform an ordinary day into something extraordinary, or set the mood for a romantic evening. With our wide selection of enchanting scents, there's always a melt for every moment.

Take advantage of our exclusive LIMITED OFFER: Chronos Wax Melts + Ceramic Wax Burners.

Weight: 100gr

*Please note that these wax melts are very strong, please use only small amounts each time.


100% Soy Wax

Premium Fragrance Oils

Cotton Wicks

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Customer Reviews

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James Cameron
Amazing smell

These wax melts have an incredibly strong scent. I placed them in the living room, but they were still noticeable in the bedroom. Pretty packaging too!